The Chapin Family Legacy of Love, Letters, Art, Music & Activism.

At the Chapin Family compound in Andover, New Jersey, which is nearing 100 years old, one of Harry Chapin’s younger brothers, Tom Chapin — singer/songwriter/activist & Grammy Award Winner — ponders the photograph of Harry (lower, center) and the painting of his maternal grandfather, the literary giant Kenneth Burke, or K.B. The painting of Kenneth Burke was done by Tom (and Harry’s) paternal grandfather, James Ormsby Chapin. (Photo by Steve Villano).

The Chapin Family Legacy of Love, Letters, Art, Music and Activism.

By Steve Villano, Chpt. 2

(Copyright, 2021)

Harry Chapin’s life was, at it’s core, a love story — a complicated, triangulated, convoluted, undisputed, multi-generational, non-denominational, big-brotherish, earth-motherish…




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Steve Villano

Steve Villano

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