Queens’ Man Convicted of 34 Felonies.

Steve Villano
2 min readMay 31, 2024


Go back to where you came from, Donald Trump.

Go back to the very bottom of your Jamaica, Queens dump.

Go back to where your chubby cheeks can be squeezed like overripe melons,

To the Queens Correctional Facility made for low-level loser male felons.

Go back to the 1927 KKK rally where your father was arrested,

Go back to your federally funded housing where Black people were rejected.

Go back to Roy Cohn, and coke-sniffing at Studio 54,

Go back to kissing Mobsters asses and salivating for more.

Go back to Gambino, Genovese, Gotti and John Cody,

Go back to being the Mob’s whore, and every Russian’s toady.

Go back to calling for death for the innocent Central Park 5,

Thanks to E.Jean, you’re done preaching pathetic lies in print and on TV, live.

Sentenced to Solitary, the Narcissists’ screaming night alarm;

You’ll be force fed stories about NYC Council Member, the Honorable Yusef Salaam.

Go back to where all you losers land, the Criminals whose dreams are fractured;

Repeat the line you used yourself, about not liking people who get captured.

Go back to your mental shitholes, your anti-immigrant bile,

Go back to fingering pussies, in sloppy Jeffrey Epstein-style.

Go back to lying about Obama’s birth, and losing to Joe Biden;

Go back to lying about your girth, and all the crimes you’re hiden’.

Go back to stealing 9/11 money,

And cheating by tens of millions on your taxes.

Go back to buying silence from your honeys,

And falsifying business records faxes.

Go back to where you came from, Donald Trump,

Go back to the Ninth Circle of Hell in Dante’s Dump.

Go back to all your mirrors and your thinning hairs — fewer and fewer;

Go back to where you belong, in the scummiest of scummy sewers.