Orchestrating Poison Gas Deaths of “Children of God” to Benefit Trump & Putin?

A Syrian Refugee “child of God,” washed ashore, dead,

I hate even entertaining these thoughts.

The chilling idea that there are such inhuman thugs as leaders of nations who could cause such questions to be raised is the stuff nightmares are made of. However, the context of this week’s Sarin gas murders of 80 Syrians by Syrian & Russian leadership, and the “proportional” response by Donald Trump–an Assad cheerleader as recently as last week–makes the question necessary to ask: Were the poison gas killings of innocent Syrians orchestrated by Putin and Assad , and the carefully choreographed response by Trump carried out to benefit Trump and Putin?

Here are a few things to consider:

For thugs like Putin, Assad and Trump, children suffering such horrors are merely the cost of doing business and clinging to power.




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