I Believe in Consequences.

Kevin Costner, before “Yellowstone”, stating his beliefs, in his role as Crash Davis in “Bull Durham.”

I Believe in Consequences.

By Steve Villano

(*Highlighted Beliefs, Courtesy of Crash Davis, from Bull Durham*)

I believe in consequences.

*I believe in the soul, the cock and the pussy;*

I believe that people and companies ought to be held strictly accountable for their actions;

I believe unvaccinated US Troops should be dishonorably discharged for insubordination.

I believe that all public employees should be mandated to choose between a COVID jab, and their job.

*I believe in the hangin’ curveball;*

I believe that hospitals and doctors and nurses should be allowed by law to refuse treatment and hospital beds to unvaccinated patients;

I believe that NO children should be allowed into a public school unless they and their parents are vaccinated, with no squishy exceptions;

I believe that corporate CEO’s and executives whose products knowingly harm humans, like the Sacklers, the Koch Brothers, Big Tobacco, and Gun Manufacturers, should serve mandatory jail time, not just pay multi-million dollar fines;

*I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone;*

I believe Trump & his fellow criminals and co-conspirators who plotted or acted to overthrow our Democracy should face life-in-prison, without parole, and be forced to recite the entire Constitution daily before they get their meals in jail;

I believe that people who commit hate crimes be imprisoned for a minimum of four years and be forced to learn Critical Race Theory and Diversity Training before they are eligible for parole;

I believe rapists and sex abusers — especially those who attack children — should be castrated;

*I believe there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing Astroturf and the Designated Hitter;*

I believe there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment banning corporate money, foreign money, laundered money, dirty money, or money made through shell companies from political campaigns or to bribe or pay present or former public officials;

I believe the Second Amendment ought to be amended restricting the “right to keep and bear arms,” to one handgun gun per citizen who has passed a civics test, a mental health examination, and is registered in a national gun-owners registry;

I believe that the manufacture, importation, sale, display, distribution or trade of any assault-style weapon should be banned and all such existing guns — and their ammunition — be melted into scrap-metal to be used for re-building bridges or as metal studs for housing;

*I believe in the sweet spot & soft-core pornography,*

I believe that no laws should be passed regulating the use of a uterus, penis, or anus, as long as no living human being is harmed by such use;

I believe that Roger Stone & Steve Bannon should be banished to Guantanamo in perpetuity, and deprived of all TV, internet service and human contact and forced to read the works of Jose Marti.

I believe Kevin McCarthy ought to be placed under House arrest in Modesto, California, in the same Delicatessen where he did his last honest work;

I believe that TV commentators, public officials or public figures like Tucker Carlson or RFK, Jr, who pedal disinformation and lies about health & medical issues, should be forced to clean hospital bed pans for the rest of their natural lives, and have their personal fortunes confiscated to fund health clinics in underserved communities;

*I believe in long, slow, deep, soft wet kisses that last three days,*

And, I believe, that, as long as I am with another consenting adult, NO ONE has the right to tell me who I can kiss, or love, or choose to share my life.





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Steve Villano


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