Gov. Cuomo: You Fought COVID; Stop Trump from Killing Democracy

Steve Villano
3 min readSep 24, 2020
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, New York Tough.

Dear Governor Cuomo:

Your powerful public service in never surrendering to the global catastrophe of COVID in New York State, and persistence in bringing NY’s infection rate down under one-percent, compels me to ask that you tackle another grave and immediate threat to all of us across this nation.

In your capacity as Chair of the National Governor’s Association, I urge you to call upon the full power of the 50 States and 5 US Territories — who have the legal responsibility for conducting free, fair and unfettered elections — to ensure that this November 3rd’s Election will not be sabotaged by anyone, including the Russians, the President of the United States, or armed, private militias.

As the NGA has done with COVID in drafting and implementing your “Policy and Guidance Documents for COVID-19” I urgently request that you lead the Governors of this nation in establishing a protocol to guide each state in this year’s November elections, keeping them free from Foreign or Domestic interference or sabotage.

Under your COVID guidelines, The National Governor’s Association says “several states have recently expanded vote-by-mail and absentee voting options due to the pandemic.” It would be tragic to have the NGA’s pandemic protocols of “Vote-by-Mail,” be undermined by partisanship or a purposeful denigrating of the democratic process by either Vladimir Putin’s agents already sowing distrust in this election — as FBI Director Christopher Wray recently told Congress — or by the President of the United States repeating Russian talking points, and declaring at his Press Conference on September 23, 2020, that he wanted to “get rid of the ballots” to unconstitutionally retain power.

I understand that as Chairman of the NGA you must work collaboratively with Republicans and Democrats, and your work with Past Chair Larry Hogan of Maryland, a Republican, was a model of bipartisanship and the highest form of unbiased service to the American people, especially in dealing with the greatest public health crisis in a century.

Similarly, we now face the greatest threat to the continuance of our Constitutional Republic in this country’s 244-year history. Just as you and Governor Hogan performed in a brilliant…