Steve Villano


We are all Jedis, now.

Darkness descending, so fast,

Erasing the past.

Hate, Lies, Bigotry, Disease;

Spreading plaque-like, killing with ease;

We are all Jedis now.

Death and dying near,

Princess Leia no more here —

We are all Jedis now.

Ali, Ali, where are thee?

Floating, and stinging like bees.

We are all Jedis now.


Leonard Cohen, you too-ya?

We’re all Jedis now.

Easy, so easy

To turn out the lights, give in

To the coming night.

But we are alive,

With breath, mind and beating heart —

Each day, a new start

To love, live, create;

Never surrender our light,

Our hope, our souls, our fight.

We are all Jedis, now.

Fearless with our minds and skills,

Hearts on fire, refusing to bow….

2022; me & you, Jedis now.