(Francis Bacon’s “Figure Writing Reflected in Mirror.”)

Reflections on Suicide: Living to Write About It.

(By Steve Villano)

I tried to kill myself as a teenager, and I’m glad I didn’t succeed. Now, I want to educate others about my suicide attempt, and how to save the lives of those you love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about suicide lately. No, not committing it — I’ve already tried that once.

This time, it’s how I’ve become more committed to sharing with others the mysterious spiral toward suicide I traveled as a teenager, to the very ledge of taking my…

Original Sand Photo, by Steve Villano, Sonoma Coast, CA.

I go through life verklempt;

No feeling is exempt —

I wince, I cry, and my breath dies

At each suicide attempt.

I mourn the deaths of loves, yours and mine;

My thoughts largely unkempt;

With pictures zoetroping through my mind,

I go through life verklempt.

Childrens’ laughs lacerated by…


We are all Jedis, now.

Darkness descending, so fast,

Erasing the past.

Hate, Lies, Bigotry, Disease;

Spreading plaque-like, killing with ease;

We are all Jedis now.

Death and dying near,

Princess Leia no more here —

We are all Jedis now.

Ali, Ali, where are thee?

Floating, and stinging like bees.

We are all Jedis now.


Leonard Cohen, you too-ya?

We’re all Jedis now.

Easy, so easy

To turn out the lights, give in

To the coming night.

But we are alive,

With breath, mind and beating heart —

Each day, a new start

To love, live, create;

Never surrender our light,

Our hope, our souls, our fight.

We are all Jedis, now.

Fearless with our minds and skills,

Hearts on fire, refusing to bow….

2022; me & you, Jedis now.

Kevin Costner, before “Yellowstone”, stating his beliefs, in his role as Crash Davis in “Bull Durham.”

I Believe in Consequences.

By Steve Villano

(*Highlighted Beliefs, Courtesy of Crash Davis, from Bull Durham*)

I believe in consequences.

*I believe in the soul, the cock and the pussy;*

I believe that people and companies ought to be held strictly accountable for their actions;

I believe unvaccinated US Troops…

Dr. Oz Reviews Donald Trump’s Medical Records in 2016 and Declares Them, and Trump, Sound.

The mere thought of the synthetic, slippery Dr. Mehmet Oz, Donald Trump’s hyper Hydroxychloroquine cheerleader, running for the open US Senate seat in Pennsylvania and turning that cradle of American Democracy into its crypt, is enough to make me want to swallow some of Oz’ own ostracized Green Coffee Beans.

My brother Vinny and I, on our way to a ballgame at Yankee Stadium in 2008.

When I watched Jennifer Gosar talk about her brother, Congressman Paul Gosar, on MSNBC, and heard Tim Gosar call his brother one of Trump’s “Fascist Footsoldiers,” who ought to be expelled from Congress, I thought of my brother Vinny.

Not that my sole-surviving brother is a Member of Congress —…

Photo by Steve Villano, off the Sonoma Coast.

I knew all the statistics about COVID, kind of like how I memorized every baseball batting and pitching record when I was a kid.

I knew that we were doing real well in Northern California, and that the rate of new infections in NYC was low, compared to communities throughout…

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