Republicans just don’t get where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inherent authority comes from.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — the first female Speaker in American History, and the first Italian-American female and grandmother to be the most politically powerful woman in the country — has given full-blown fits to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and all other aging, shallow, soulless, corrupt, white men in Washington.

Regardless of the issue — from Obamacare (which was pushed through by Pelosi and should bear her name), to Impeachment, to pointing her finger at the ManChild in the Cabinet Room and scolding him for having gangster friends, like the punk Putin, to schooling the dummy…

Harry Chapin & JFK, Jr: 38 years of Inspiration; Lives Worthy of Imitation.

By Steve Villano,

Chapter 4,

Copyright, 2021.


They were always there, right in front of me: Harry Chapin, and John F. Kennedy, Jr., linked in death on the same exact date — July 16.

They died 18 years apart, their age difference, when they were both killed in terrible accidents at 38 years old.

Chapin’s brief, shooting-star-of-a-life ended in the fiery crash of a small car on the Long Island Expressway; JFK, Jr.’s, …

The 40th Anniversary of Harry Chapin’s Death — the same week when the historic US Child Tax Credit is implemented that will cut child poverty in half — is the perfect moment to renew efforts to secure a Harry Chapin postage stamp to keep America’s focus on ending hunger and poverty.

Harry Chapin: Hope, and Life, After Death

By Steve Villano, Chpt. 3

Copyright, 2021

(It’s fitting that the largest tax credit in US History — a monthly payment for children (, which will lift one-half of America’s children out of poverty — is being implemented this week, which also marks the 40th Anniversary of Harry Chapin’s death. Chapin — inspired by his older brother James; the great anti-poverty champion and author of The Other America Michael Harrington; Harry’s spouse & partner Sandy Chapin; and his friend and former Catholic priest Bill Ayres, who followed the progressive Catholic Worker teachings of…

At the Chapin Family compound in Andover, New Jersey, which is nearing 100 years old, one of Harry Chapin’s younger brothers, Tom Chapin — singer/songwriter/activist & Grammy Award Winner — ponders the photograph of Harry (lower, center) and the painting of his maternal grandfather, the literary giant Kenneth Burke, or K.B. The painting of Kenneth Burke was done by Tom (and Harry’s) paternal grandfather, James Ormsby Chapin. (Photo by Steve Villano).

The Chapin Family Legacy of Love, Letters, Art, Music and Activism.

By Steve Villano, Chpt. 2

(Copyright, 2021)

Harry Chapin’s life was, at it’s core, a love story — a complicated, triangulated, convoluted, undisputed, multi-generational, non-denominational, big-brotherish, earth-motherish, Bohemian-maniacal, Yankee Puritanical, serendipitous, so ridiculous love story that it could just as well have been fiction, or the subject of one of Harry’s own story songs. But, it was a love story as real as life, with roots as deep as roots can reach, and lots of reminders that it happened, and was not just imagined.

It’s a story that dates…

40 Years After His Death, Harry Chapin Matters More Than Ever

By Steve Villano,

(Copyright, 2021, Part I)

(40 years ago next week, singer/songwriter/activist Harry Chapin was killed in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway. He was 38 years old.

In addition to recording 12 Albums, and performing some 2000 concerts over a 10-year career, Chapin co-founded the International world hunger organization, WHYHunger, with former Catholic Priest and social justice advocate Bill Ayres. …

I thought I was pretty evolved on Pride, the meaning of it, the tactics of social protest, and the way to bring about meaningful, substantive change.

After all, I’m a child of the ’60’s trained in the Alinksy method of confrontational protest, active in the Anti-Vietnam War, Civil Rights, and Voting Rights demonstrations and labor-organizing campaigns going back more than 50 years. I’ve been tear-gassed, and spat upon, accused of being a Communist, and stared back into faces contorted with hate.

I’ve marched with Al Sharpton over the Brooklyn Bridge to protest the police shooting death of Amadou Diallo, and…

The Anti-Fascists of World War II.

My father was an Anti-Fascist,

A child of immigrants

who worshipped free elections,

And not some flaccid erections of impotent potentates,

Who pump themselves up

On the deaths of humans and institutions great,

Unlike themselves.

My father curses you from his grave,

You greasy garbage-pail, depraved

Beyond redemption, not to mention how

Deprived you are of any shards of soul,

You democracy desecrating asshole, Trump.

My father didn’t want to leave three kids

But yet he did, to fight the Fascists and keep

Us safe from hate-filled autocrats, intent

On killing mothers & babies, and tearing them apart.

My wife’s…

The New York Times Front Page, May 28, 2021.

World Without Hate, Amein.

My oldest granddaughter turned 12 today.

I’m grateful for her life each day,

That I can watch her and her sisters smile,

And know, that all the while, so many other

Children of us all are gone.

Like the Ishkontana children,

Ages 9, 5, 4 and 2

Wearing bright new clothes and shoes,

Smiling, while their uncle snapped photos on his phone.

When he stepped out to buy them treats,

Their Gaza home was bombed into the streets,

With all the Ishkontana children and their mother,

Dressed in their Ramadan best,

Scattered, as dust in the…

You might remember Diane Sawyer’s ABC-TV interview with then-Bruce, soon-to-be Caitlyn Jenner, six years ago, on April 25, 2015, when Sawyer treated her tour of Jenner’s closet full of dresses as if she had discovered the original Dead Sea Scrolls. Now, the media-driven freak show continues, as Jenner, now Caitlyn, runs for Governor of California. Can another fawning Diane Sawyer interview be far behind?

I don’t care about Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner’s genitals. I don’t care if they’re male or female, intersex or no sex at all. It’s her biz, not mine.

I do care about the emotional torture people experience when they have questions about their gender identity or sexuality, especially if they are fragile adolescents, struggling to “fit in.”

I care deeply that their uniqueness is validated, not vilified; that they aren’t subjected to genital exams for competing on the sports team of their choice, or aren’t refused medical care for being trans.

All of those evil actions have been and are…

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